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Internal server error when uploading scores


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Hello there!

When I'm trying to upload scores, sometimes I'm getting 50002 error which according to documentation is Internal server error. However as i said it happens only sometimes and i don't really know why. Would appreciate some help with it.

This is my implementation of uploading player score:

void UViveportComponent::UploadPlayerScore(UObject* WorldContextObject, const FString LeaderboardName, int Score, struct FLatentActionInfo LatentInfo){	if (UViveportApi::Init(&myInitCallback, APP_ID))	{		if (UViveportUserStats::IsReady(&myIsReadyStatus))		{			if (UWorld* World = GEngine->GetWorldFromContextObject(WorldContextObject))			{				FLatentActionManager& LatentActionManager = World->GetLatentActionManager();				if (LatentActionManager.FindExistingAction<ViveportComponentLatentUpload>(LatentInfo.CallbackTarget, LatentInfo.UUID) == NULL)				{					UViveportUserStats::UploadLeaderboardScore(&myUploadLeaderboardScoreStatus, LeaderboardName, Score);					LatentActionManager.AddNewAction(LatentInfo.CallbackTarget, LatentInfo.UUID, new ViveportComponentLatentUpload(LatentInfo));				}			}		}	}}


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