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Posseble to test the controllers?


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 This in my state off There is something off but what!?


About the controller buttons (switches) inside. Is there something that shows preciesly witch buttun you push? Thing is im newbee VR & VIVE and while i was trying to get arround whit the controller whit getting somewhere walk or fly. And found out i was confused and blaming myself for not being able to operate.

All that time i had a controlor whit a broken switch (trackpad far right).

A sort of Check Controllor program? Would be handy right?

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Like a diagnostic tool or something? I suppose I could see the use for that. There is a calibration tool that might help for you.

Try this:

Calibrate the track pad

There are some scenarios were the controller track pad may not behave as expected, such as registering inputs that did not happen, or inaccurate touch sensitivity. In these cases, it is necessary to calibrate the track pad to get it back to the default settings.

  1. Go to SteamVR > Right click on the controller icon > Calibrate controller
  2. A new window will pop up, as this is the Calibrate Track pad assistant.
  3. Click Next and do not touch the track pad surface while it runs.
  4. The assistant will finish the calibration and will show a confirmation once complete.


-John C

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