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Purchased HTC vive, how to choose my PC?


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Hi Guys, 


Hope it's all good. I have purchased HTC vive vouple of weeks ago, and I'm wondering about the next step. I saw that a decent PC with NVIDIA GTX 1060 might cost some bucks .

Is there any point to get the GTX 1080?

About the proccessor, a I know intel core i5 should do. If I'll get i7 will it improve something?

Thanks in advanced fellows.


All the Best, 



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Sorry for the lack of response, I didn't see this until now... I have a few thoughts. 

  • I'd really recommend a 1070 if you can afford it. The 1070 is quickly becoming the standard GPU benchmark for VR. That said, a 1060 will run most applications just fine (make sure to turn on asynchronous reprojection and turn off interleave reprojection in the SteamVR settings).  The 1080 is impressively powerful and will definitely give you a noticeable boost in framerate, and will be more future proof. Where the 1080 really shines is in supersampling which enables you to increase the signal bandwidth supplied to the headset. The 1080 is also superior for general rendering tasks. 
  • Both an i5 and an i7 will handle playback just fine but if you plan on doing development, you really want the i7 as development is very processor heavy and the CPU is often a bottleneck. 
  • I'd recommend at least 16gb of RAM. 
  • An SSD for your operating system is highly recommended. Many photorealistic VR titles with large assets will see benefit from an SSD. 
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