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New to Vive, whats the MUST have software titles?


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I just got my Vive yesterday and was up really late downloading lots of free software titles to find something good  :-)   I like FP shooters and race games.


Most of the games I tried were "average" with one or two exceptions.


Whats the current best of breed games should I try or buy?

Ideally a list of a few free games and a list of a few pay games would be ideal


What I have tried so far, from memory:




the lab: OK
vr funhouse : boring




smashbox:good fun game
rawdata : good
tiltbrush - meh
brookhaven experiment : excellent


Have downloaded but yet to try:




Any further suggestions are welcome


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Im no Expert :smileywink:
But some games that you should try. 
Vrz torment
any of the Serious Sam games.
Star Shelter. 
Elemental combat (out next week)
Rec Room 
Also If you want to find out about the latest game check out Helixxvr on Youtube links posts here weekly Plus our weekly giveaway. <------shameless plug

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