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Payment problem


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I have the same payment issue with a friend of mine, we can't order anything with a credit card and PayPal redirects us to the order panel, where there is nothing. It is not even loading to the PayPal site, to log in and pay. I contacted the US/Canada support and they weren't helpful at all, suggested that I delete cache and change browser, after that, I send them a screenshot, they even logged on my PC with TeamViewer - the final response was something like "Sorry we couldn't help you, try the community or the EU support" So I'm writing to you guys, is it possible to be a region bug as we both got the Vive from the US, but we are currently both located in Bulgaria. I really wanted to use the Black Friday discounts, can't seem to be able to buy anything, US support couldn't help out, meanwhile, I'm waiting for a reply on EU supports. These are the screenshots of what I see when paying with credit card (1) and PayPal (2) https://imgur.com/a/GLZKr

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