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TPCast/base station sleep issue


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Hello all,


I managed to pick up a tpcast from newegg, got that all set up and now my base stations are staying constantly on/aren't going to sleep. From the research I have done, it looks like the link box is where the original vive had the bluetooth, but i believe the tpcast doesn't have bluetooth communicating the same way. I have a bluetooth usb dongle that i was hoping to leverage to get them to shut off, but can't seem to get that to "automagically" work. I've followed a number of steps outside a complete reimage of my system, anyone know if there is a way to get the base stations to talk to my pc outside the link box's bluetooth/on that separate connection so they go to sleep like they used to?

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Hello ,

Thanks for reporting this! We don't offer support for 3rd party peripherals and recommend that you contact TP-Cast's support team directly to maximize the chance of finding a solution. Since it seems like the TP-Cast is causing interference with some of the Vive's basic functions, I'll shoot them an email and investigate further. There is the possibility that this is simply a trade-off of their wireless solution. 


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Hello there David,


I am pretty sure the TPCast doesn't have a proper bluetooth adapter/receiver in its configuration, or at the very least not one that Steamvr/Vive is recognizing to send the proper sleep/wake commands to the base stations; when I was setting up the TPCast it required using the power supply from the standard vive link box, so Bluetooth from that is disabled. When I try plugging the link box in again to enable bluetooth, I can't get the vive to work as it's trying to configure and recognize via the link box and thus never connects via TPCast at that point.


I would certainly be happy with a workaround of using a bluetooth dongle I bought, hoping to remedy this issue simply. If there is a way to have the lighthouses talk/pair to my dongle, that would easily take care of the problem - any chance of that happening? It's much simpler for me to use bluetooth communication to the lighthouses than physically unplugging the power, and I am sure others with TPCast would appreciate having that automated functionality too... it's only $10 for a bluetooth adapter and many systems come with bluetooth built in these days too, so maybe that's the "mk1 fix" ? :)


*edit* I just reached out to TPCast chat, the contact I got a hold of indicated the TPCast doesn't have bluetooth built in and was given an email for their dev team; I'll reach out to them as well, hopefully one side or the other of this issue can get a way of telling the base stations to wake up/sleep :)

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Any word on this/any way for us to get 3rd party bluetooth support for now? I know the vive pro is eventually coming out, between now & then this would be a pretty helpful workaround so I don't have to keep manually plugging/unplugging my base stations

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