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Fault 03 (Error 10010) on base station, red blinking light


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My Vive base station isa reporting `Fault 03 (Error 10010) on base station, (red blinking light)`.

Could you assist me in explaining what actions I should take to either resolve this issue, or in returning it for repair.

thanks in advance.


Kev Seal


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Hi, I received today the same error (Fault 03) and one of the base stations is blinking red... I bought HTC VIVE via czech store ALZA (I am from Slovakia), and I just wonder if you are able to help me or if I should go to them first.



Thank you

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Thanks for advice.

Used live chat to report my problem,cant thank Hannah enough for her help.

Word of advise for anyone going the same route, have your serial numbers ready, these can be found on the original packaging (black vive box and outer cardboard box) and proof of purchase (imvoice) ,if you didnt but directly from Vive.

Sent back defective kit with label sent to my email,dropped package off for free pickup by UPS,

couldnt believe it when my fixed kit was returned 5 days later!

Very very impressed  with you customer service HTC!









































































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