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VAM Clients not showing up in Arcade Manager Settings.

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Hello everyone :)

First Time Poster ^__^

I've recently started working at a new arcade that opened a few weeks ago ( 20/12/17) and part of my initial job was setting up 2 "VR Rooms" using the Viveport Arcade Manager.


The problem im having is that only 1 client shows up in the Arcade Managers settings.

I've instaled the manager software on our "Admin" computer behind the counter and installed the Client software in room 2 first ( no reason in particular), i then made sure the Manager and the client can "See Eachother" in the Arcade Manager settings, once confirmed i then replicated the setup procedure on Room 1 but not matter what i try i cant get both rooms to show.
(I can still use the VIVE headset with the standard VIVE APP on both systems and run the arcade manager client on one) 

I really hope someone can help, weve just added 100,000 points to our account  :/

My specs are as follows:
Admin/Server PC: 
HP Made,  W10 Home x64, 8GB RAM, Pentium J3710 1.6GHz, 
Arcade Manager Version

Client PCS: ( 2X Exactly the same build )

Custome PLE gaming rigs, W10 Home x64, 32GB RAM, Pentium i7-7700 3.60GHz.

Client Version

Running the HTC Vive headsets. 

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