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RMA, no update, no support, no contact


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Hey guys,


Sorry to drop this here, I know that some VIVE support monitors this forum so was hoping to get a little insight from them if possible.


I bought my VIVE towards the end of November.  I had a 40 day old base station fail (Fault 03) and RMA'd the device.  Since it was sent in on Jan 4th, I believe, I've yet to receive a single update.  I've sent emails that received no response, contacted chat support who can't confirm the shipment was even received (UPS says it was), was given a date that the equipment would be returned which has passed and was promised an escalation an update within 24-48 hours, it's now over 72 with another chat attempt and yet another promise with no time frame that I would be contacted.


I was originally super-hyped and loved my VIVE, bought a VivePort sub for a year and all that.  Was still onboard with the Pro when it was announced but now I'm started to majorly regret my purchase since I have a device that's now basically useless for almost as long as I got to actually use it.  If it was within the 30 days, I would just return the whole unit.


Any chance someone somewhere can find out what's going on or provide an actual solution for me?



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