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Steam VR startup with random messed audio settings.


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Recently, Steam vr starts up, and just chooses random outputs and inputs for audio.

I have to check everytime and correct any settings it chooses to set itself.

Sometimes, it can't be bothered to turn on my lighthouses too.

  On top of the other unsolved issue, using the Vive is becoming a pain in the butt to use.

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It's just happened recently.  To be honest, it's happened since I tried the suggestions to my other problem in another post (still not resolved).

   To be honest, I have uninstalled, reinstalled either the drivers, steam, windows. and I'm just accepting now that the vive software is just bugged full stop, and no amount of updates seems to fix anything.  Maybe sometime in the future, Valve/HTC/Steam, whoever, might release software that works.

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I'm running the public release. 

My system is:

Intel i74790,  16gb Ram, Nvidia 1080 series 12gb, 240gb SSD.


I'm also having  an issue now with the hmd side light. if unused for a while, and i switch on steam vr. hmd tracks, but the light is red with no screen on.

Just another issue to add to the ongoing problems.

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The strange thing to me (Regarding this and your other issue) is that it's happening on multiple computers, which should not happen if it's a configuration issue or some sort of compatibility issue. USB 2.0 is preferred for Vive, so don't worry about that.

Are you using a lot of USB devices at the same time? Any other audio components? (7.1 surround, headphones, anything like that?)


-John C

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