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HTC VIVE Fault 03 (Error 10010), red blink


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I have an HTC vive since christmas and I haven't used it so much (less than 10h mostly for testing), Yeastreday I was preparing my stream, but when I tried to launch the htc I've got the fault 03 (base (b) is red blink). After many research, it seems to be related to the laser thing, so I've made a test with phone and the side laser is not visible on the base (b) on inspection with phone camera. 


How is this possible knowing that I have this for less than 4 months, never moved/shoked/or any thing, as it is installed at 3 meters from the floor.    




thanks for helping.    





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Sent, I hope it get it back fast, as I said I have some beta testing ongoing, and for the moment I'm stuck :/
One station is not enough to cover all the VR/MR room, specially the mixed reality camera tracker.

thanks you.
P.s. I'll keep the updated and marke it resolved once it done :)

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I've received a replacement unit, and it really "INNACCEPTABLE". Sent a new unit with 9 sensors, and they sent me back an old 16 sensors unit.


I have waited 2 monthes before buying to be sure that I'm getting the 9 sensors one and now I have One 9 sensor ans one 16.


the esthetic is awfull, the re-sell value of the htc just droped, for an HTC VIVE that I had 2 months and that I have used less than 10h.


All I want is a working, 9 sensors unit.


Really Ineacceptable.

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Have you received my PM? I've conatcted on my side the chat service but sadly they are not proposing anything acceptable. They ask me to send it back again, wait 5-10days and they send me another one.


The first time I didn't say anything cause it was calssic RMA service, so I've accepted to stay 10 days without the VIVE without beeing able to do anything, but this time it was their error, and I can't stay this amount of time without anything.


we are trying to make the VR experience cool,attract as many people as we can, do MR, and show how wornderful the vive is, But sadly my motivation is getting to its limits.I can't keep advising people to get the vive when they see that during 20 days I'm unable to do anything. In sum, I becomming really unhappy with all this



All I've asked for is cross sending or receive the correct station and send back the old, over used model I've received.


thank you for your help.


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Hi ,

I escalated your case to an EU based team as they can better assist you than someone such as myself located in the US. Have you received contact from them yet or has that not happened?

Please let me know,

Thank you,

-John C



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Hello ,


I have only received a return ticket, so I've called them to explain the situation and explain that I can't stay 10 or 15 more days without the vive, that my vive is almost new, and any other company would have repared theire mistake instantly, but they was just repeating the axact same sentence, "we can't send you the right modele if you don't send the wrong model before". and when I asked hwo much times it'll take I was told sending+5days treatment+send back = from 7 to 10 open days.


Except you here, no one there was trying to understand sadly.


thank you for helping.


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I'm having the same problem. One of my base stations are giving me an error message about an internal problem(fault 03) and blinking red on the indicator. I've tried power cycling it and checking for updates but that didn't resolve it. Also, when I try to do the room setup through steam vr it says that my headset and controllers are off when they are definitely powered on and connected. I have only owned this set for approximately four months. It's pretty upsetting, but I'm still waiting for someone to get back to me about this problem.

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