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Bricked Base Station Repair

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I too have suffered the Bricked Base Station (BBS) after update.  I sent my BBS out for repairs and it has been at HTC since Februry 8, It is now March 2 and after 5 attempts to get a response because the website did not even show that it was received,  I was finally able to get an honest person to say that it was picked up for repair on Feb 13 and will not be done until possibly 4 weeks from that.  Worst part is I bought the Vive on Christmas, so as of now it has been broken longer that I've owned it.  A new base station cost about $130, if I was running a company that sells a product that cost $700 and a piece of equipment that cost $130 broke in one month, I would just replace it to keep the customer happy.  I love the product but I am so disappointed in the service.

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Hi  HaitianHeisenberg,

It also happened to me a long time ago (Base Station Non Functional After Firmware Update), my mistake, apparently I was holding bad buttons at bad time :)


It was easy to resolve, there is no need to return/RMA.



But maybe it's a different problem. I hope all will be ok.


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This is my follow up post....


Yup I still don't have a working HTC Vive due to a missing Base Station that HTC has now owned longer than I.  Don't know about the type of customer service everyone else has been experiencing by mine has been a complete nightmare.  If anyone is familiar with my case they are probably shaking their heads right now.  Just look at the rest of my post and you will see.  I have even been offered a phone call to ensure me that they are going help me out....but instead no one called.  We are approaching the end of March and my Base station has been broken since the end of January, and I bought the Vive on Christmas holiday.  I will say it again, if it cost a customer $700 to by a product and a part of that product failed in less than one month.  It would make sense to replace that $130 item to satisfy the customer.  Instead I am left with a "Virtually" useless HTC VIVE....Thanks

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