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VR tour of our school


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Hi i am Tim,


Me and a classmate are starting a new project about VR/AR at school. Our idea was to create a tour in VR of  our school, So we could show it of at an "open house". I am completely new to vr, so is my classmates. Is there anyone that could point us in the right direction to maybe some information about actualy creating the school in VR or ways to inport it and than also the software needed.


Much thanks in advance.


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Hi , 

VR development is.a pretty broad topic and there are countless ways to approach this. Rather than barage you with a wall of text and links, it might be easiest to first ask what are you already working in? Are you already authoring 3D assets? If so, in what program(s)? Does anybody on your team have experince with Unity or Unreal? 


Off the top of my head, the only thing I can 100% recommend is Substance for texturing/shading your models. Since your a student, all of the source assets are 100% free to your to use and it's crazy easy (painter & desginer however takes lots of study). Everything else depends on what workflows you're already using. I think their PBR guide is pretty much required reading. 



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