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vive tracker charge and USB host board


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We are using a USB host board with a battery connected to USB of the vive tracker to send data and everything is ok.
But, when connected to USB host, the vive tracker is charging and it is an issue as we have also a battery for the USB

In guidelines documentation v1.5, p29, there is a variable called chargeEnabled in the setFeature data format. However, it seems not working as setting this flag to false, the vive tracker still charging.

The documentation says that this variable is "RESERVED", what does it means?


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, I have an update: 


This specific variable is not currently enabled - hence the "reserved" status in the documentation. We do not a timeline to enable it. Sorry that feature isn't currently supported! 


To any developers who may be reading this and require this feature - feel free to comment here so we can collect feedback to pass back to the tracker team. 

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Thanks for this quick feedback.

Indeed, we are a company and we are developping professional training solution supported by VR simulation

For some application, we are using some dedicated accesories to improve interactivity and realism of the simulation and thus obtain better training performance.

So, if we need to have a cable to supply power to the accesory because we cannot disable charging of the vive tracker, we will have to think about another technology.

It is quite strange that USB communication capabilities have been implemented on the Vive tracker, meaning that we can develop specfic acccesory for a better VR exprience, but due to this charging issue the VR experience will be much less immersive due to this cable.

Is it possible exchange in MP to identify who we can contact to  discuss about that and other items, like an access to a vive pro dev kit...



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