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Start vive focus with default app


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Hello everyone,


is it possible to program the vive standalone version to start per default with specific program when switched on? If yes, how would I do that? Can someone point me to the right documentation if there is some on that topic?


Thanks in advance for xour help!

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 , The consumer version of the Vive Focus boots with the the Viveport M launcher. This launcher allows the user to begin their VR journey in a place where they can easily access their content library, the Viveport M store, and system settings.  If you'd like the device to boot with a custom app, then please reach out to our enterprise team for a solution. Visit - https://enterprise.vive.com/eu/contact_us/ 

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Can anyone who did reach out to the Enterprise Team report back?


If this is simply a way of saying "yes. it will cost you" then I won't bother. Cost is one of the factors drawing me to standalone platforms so I'm not going to be terribly enthusuastic when I hear phrases like "Enterprise pricing"

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