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Vive controllers and base station are priced too high.

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I have been doing alot of research on the Vive in the last couple of days as I am thinking of purchasing one. I was thinking of pre ordering the Vive pro and then buying the controllers and base station separately.  This is when I noticed that the price of 2 controllers and 2 base stations is more than the cost of the standard Vive. In Canada with the recent price reduction a standard Vive costs $699 the controllers and stations together cost $729, to me this was kind of shocking.

I can't tell if they forgot to adjust the price of the accessories when they reduced the price of vive, or if they are deliberately trying to make people spend more money. I would like to hope that the prices will be adjusted to fit with the reduced price of the Vive but it seems like something they would have already addressed. Vive might also be waiting to reduce the prices wen steam VR 2.0 is released.

For me this is a big let down because I want to buy the Vive pro but find it hard to spend $730 dollars just for the accessories wen I could buy them for cheaper + the standard Vive headset.


I would like to hear some of your thoughts on this because it kind of put me a hard place on deciding what to buy. Do any of you know anything about this?

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