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No repair status and horrible support


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Ok maybe I can get some answers here and maybe actually get it figured out. I bought your vive got it dl your setup did it all first power on and the left screen doesn't work! So I spend an hour trying to figure out how to get a hold you you guys. Finally fat ahold of someone and a ticket setup told I would receive an email within 24 hrs of a prepaid shipping lable, no email, for a week I go to the support page only to see support offline. Get a hold of you finally 2 days left of the ticket to finally get 2 labels with 2 different tracking numbers with in minutes of each other. Sent in headset and its there. No update with the repair tacking site it has been a month since it was delivered to the repair facility and each time I try to get answers from chat support, they tell me nothing beside they will look into it. They said my ticket is in escalation and prioritized and that I would receive an email with in 24 to 48 hours, what email I have yet to see one. Vive chat and email support is total BS! Tell me why I spent $800 dollars on something that I had to send back as soon as I got it and never got to use it. Completly 100% unsatisfied with all of this

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