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we are now a 3 month for a remote repear


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it's been 3 month since you got my remote... you lost it for 2 month... 1 month after still no news realy except to wait for 2 week... so now it will be 4 month?  seriously?..... this is the worst service I got from any compagnie....


I send you message every where to reach someone... it's seem you have no num to call? you cell phone but no num? you can not call me? too hard?  replace the remote?

 2018/02/09  13:05  75028, US , delivered


26/03/26 from the halp desk:

Nancy S. : I'm sorry to tell you this Eric. However, we have been having some issues with the packages from Canada. We do not have any information about your unit and as my co-worker Xiomara told you, your case has been escalated to investigate what's going on with your package




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