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Vive Pro adapter for backpack PCs


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 We'd also love to know if there will be a solution for the HP Z backpack (or any other vendor's backpack) -- we have a commercial training product and we'd like to switch to using Vive Pros for our customers, but can't make the switch until there is a backpack compatible option

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I am also interested in a solution to this. I have an HP Omen X Backpack computer, with a only a mini displayport on the PC itself. So I actually had to by a new cable just to connect the link box at all (mini displayport to mini displayport).

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Enkizu - did you actually manage to get it working?  I tried a few adapters with the HDMI port on the Omen backpack and couldn't get it to work.  Did you end up connecting a DisplayPort to Mini DisplayPort cable instead?

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