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Vive Pro display port cable max length


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This actually ends up being a pretty complex question as DP 1.2 is pretty high bandwidth but has pretty loose manufacturing standards- since the Pro is new, there isn't a ton of sample data from users who are opting to extend the cables beyond the designed length of the cable run. As a rule of thumb, the cable must be able to drive 4K @ 90hz, will need to be active past a certain point (and active cables can be very grainular about which work and which don't), and generally speaking DP does better in shorter runs. 


We have been recommending 3 and 6 foot varients of this cable as it's affordable and from a trusted manufacturer. I have seen several user reports that the 15 foot version is compatible with Pro but I don't think we've confirmed the 15' foot varient in-house. I have ordered one to test but that will take some time. 

      Edit: I just heard from other team members that the 15 foot varient is inconsistent. 



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