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Mars Society launches Kickstarter to fund a MarsVR platform - will work on HTC Vive


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Hi, I'm James Burk, with the Mars Society.  We are the world's largest and most influential space advocacy organization dedicated to the human exploration and settlement of the planet Mars. We work to educate the public, the media and government on the benefits of exploring Mars and creating a permanent human presence on the Red Planet.


Today we are launching a Kickstarter to build a VR platform for serious research towards exploring Mars.  We'll begin with our Mars Desert Research Station, which is an analog base we have in the Utah desert.  Our first VR applications will be to assist the training of the crews there.  We'd love to get the support of the HTC Vive community with our Kickstarter.  You can find out all about it at: http://www.marssociety.org  and  http://marsvr.io

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