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Move 14gb game to another drive


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I am trying to not to have to re-download a 14 gb game.  I recently got Viveport installed and working correctly, and accidentally downloaded Oasis(14gb) to the C: drive under "C:\programdata\htc\vive\viveapps\###"


I have a large data drive which houses my steam games and I want to use the same folder for VivePort.  I changed the default folder and did another download of a smaller game as a test and it worked fine.  What I want to do is move the Oasis game from my C: drive to my E: drive.  The issue is that VivePort continues to look in the C: drive location for the files.


I have:

1. Moved the entire folder to the new default folder on my data drive

2. Changed the path in the appinfo file "4f8d0824-c362-4c1a-a470-e96263c4f9cb.appinfo" to reflect the E: drive location

3. Changed the keys in the registry under "HKEY_Users\s##\Software\HTC\HTCVive\Paths"


Yet, each time I start VivePort, the application still tries to look in the "C:\programdata\htc..." folder.


With Steam, you can simply move the game folder and the application will verify the files after you tell it where the game is located.


I REALLY do not want to have to re-download the game again over my slow connection.  
Is there any way I can just get VivePort to look in the new default folder for the game instead?  Change game files folder or something like that?



Thank you.

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