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Black screen when disconnecting second monitor


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I have seen all of the many black screen posts and issues but I havent seen any that fall under my use case. Any fixes suggested in those posts dont do anything.


I am using the Vive Pro with the HP Z VR Backpack. This backpack has a dock that it plugs into before putting it on the backpack gear. I have a monitor plugged into the hdmi port on the dock. 


Here is what happens.


I have the backpack computer plugged into the dock and the vive pro is plugged into the backpack using a mini dp - mini dp cable. I restart the computer and steam vr automatically boots up on start. Everything is working fine but when I disconnect the computer from the dock, which has the 2nd monitor plugged into it, the Vive screen then goes black with the audio remaining. If I plug it back into the dock, the headset remains black.


If I then were to restart steam vr it of course works again, and any further removing / inserting into the dock has no issues.


Very strange behaviour. It seems to be some issue with the different display ports.


I have a 2nd example that acts differently.


I also have a usb-c monitor that is used for portability. With this plugged into the dock instead of the hdmi monitor, if we do the same thing something different happens. After restarting the computer and auto starting steamvr, if the computer is removed from the dock there is no black screen. But when the computer is put back into the dock the black screen then appears. After restarting steamvr it gets fixed, but the same issue then happens every time after that, on removal no issue, on putting it back, black screen.


I have tried these different monitors in the ports that go straight into the computer rather than through the dock and the same issues happen with both monitors.


Any tips/ideas?

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, This is a pretty hardware specific question. Given that our staff doesn't have readily available access to this PC it isn't one we can easily reproduce and debug. At a glance, my guess would be that this could be related to HDCP. By restarting SteamVR, it will reboot the HMD, issue a new handshake, and generate new keys. 


Another idea is that when you remove the PC from the dock, you could be triggering some sort of switch in the power management profile such as which graphic processor is preferred. 

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