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HDM Not found 5 sec after every app launches


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Hi, I recieved my headset yesterday and It was working fine. But today I'm not able of getting the headset working.


When I open no matter what app, the HDM seems to work fine, but after 5 seconds, the USB UNPLUG sound from windows came up and the HDM stop working.


After then, the USB PLUG sounds, and then USB UNPLUG sounds again, it repeats in some intervals.

When I close SteamVR app, this error shows up sometimes.



I don't know what to do. Tried some different USB 3.0 ports, the changed to an USB 2.0 port. Restart the computer like 100 times, uninstall VIVEPORT and all VIVE apps related. Uninstall anti virus, disable the camera, reinstall SteamVR, uninstall drivers from SteamVR app and then plug it again.


Nothing seems to woking. Yesterday I was playing fine.


Any help will be appreciated

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