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Will the specs on these laptops be able to run a Vive?

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,unfortunately, both of these have pretty underpowered GPUs and CPUs. In a gaming laptop, $100-500 of the price tag is typically reserved for the GPU so I would imagine that an entry level laptop capable of running the Vive would be at least double the price of these two models. Laptops with the Nvidia 1060 chipset are fairly common and will run most Vive experiences well. 

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Keep in mind you will be paying a lot more for a laptop with comparable specs to a decent gaming desktop. T

So, for desktops, in combat flight sims to keep FPS at 90 and be somewhat future proof you need:

1. 8700k CPU.

2. 1080Ti GPU.

3. 8Gb 3000ms RAM.

4. SSD only, 1TB or 2TB. Avoid the SSD HDD combos.

5. 850w liquid cooled PSU, especially if you overclockthe CPU.

In two years the new gen 8k HMDs come around and these will be obsolete.


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