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Weird space distribution for 2 Vive sets


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We have a working setting for our VIVE, which works perfectly and we are waiting for our new VIVE set to arrive soon. We have been thinking about how to set it all up but it seems like there is always a problem with the setup:



The red pillars are the points where ur current tracking stations are located. The idea is to use the space in the right part for the second setup. The problems are:

  • Setting another pair of tracking stations would require a thick curtain that covers the free space between the the places plus the counter, which is really impractical in our case (pets moving around, having to set up a really long curtain rail in the middle of the room...)
  • Using a single pair of tacking stations would be the most practical idea, by setting up one of the stations in the white pillar, but the distance between the stations would be more than 8 meters, when the maximun recommended distance is 5 meters. Also, while crouching, you could lose track from one of the statins because of the counter in the middle.

I'm out of ideas, and I'm kind of bummed out since it won't probably be practical to play the both of us at the same time in the room without interferences of the second pair of trackers (in case of a 4 tracker setup), or losing LOS because of the counter + distance to the tracker (in case of the single pair of trackers setup).


Can you think of another alternative?



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