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Controller Died... Day 2


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I can't believe it... After so much anticipation I finally got my Vive... only for one of the controllers to die on day 2. I am beyond disappointed. I was picking it up off the sofa and it went dark... No LED.. I figured that it might have just lost power so I tried recharging it but much to my dismay the charging LED did not turn on either.


Looking at some other complaints online, it seems that Customer Support is generally incredibly slow. I am not looking to wait a month in order to get what I ordered. Does anyone have any experience doing returns or exchanges? I am assuming I am still within the return/exchange window. Many thanks.

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Thanks. I did not see any option for an exchange, but I was able to request a refund... Problem is they gave me a US address to ship to and I am on an assignment in the EU. Is there any way I can ship it to a warehouse within the EU?

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Unfortunately, no. It would need to be returned to the region from which it was originally ordered. EU based fullfillment centers will not accept US region Vive products. If you do end up shipping internationally, make sure you include the correct warning stickers for the lithium-ion batteries.


Thank you,

-John C

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