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Vive Tracker not Tracking


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I have a problem with my vive tracker 2017.
It said the device is connected but not tracking.
After connecting the dongle to my PC and the light on the tracker stays green, I have moved the tracker near to the base station but it still does not track.

Please have a look at the attached image.

I have tried to restore the tracker firmware to default, and update it but still does not work.

How can I fix this? 
Thank you

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Hi David,


I am having the same problem with my tracker. It connects, but does not track. It can't be the dongle though, because even when I connect it via my Vive Pro HMD, it still connects fine, but doesn't track. It's a brand new tracker that came in the box with my newly ordered PP Gun controller. I've tried everything...updated firmware, reset it to factory, restarted computer, updated firmware, tried to connect with dongle/without dongle. Nothing works. Please help! Thanks!

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The makers of PP Gun have been shipping their trackers in a controller configuration rather than a tracker configuration - while this is not what we advise, the tracker itself should still track. We have a role switch tool that's used to accomplish configuration changes - I would avoid using this to try to recover your tracker as the tool is for experienced developers.


Which region are you in? I'll check with the relevant support team to assess what the warranty conditions are for this specific case. I've also alerted the tracker team to your post. 

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, In the mean time, can you please try rolling back a version of SteamVR using the process described here? https://steamcommunity.com/games/250820/announcements/detail/1723075465350395950

Please let us know if this alters your behavior. 


As of this post, we encourage anybody reading this whose having similar issues with a tracker to try this temporary rollback. 

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