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Template for mountain view


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I’d like some advice about creating then hosting an interactive environment to add to the examples on 

the Steam Mountain View apartment notice board - like Tower Bridge and the Seashore environment.

I realise that the former is photographic and the latter a computer model.

I have some years of experience making hi res spherical panos - individual spaces and tours - and more recently 360º videos using a GoPro Fusion.

As a non-programmer - fluent only in html and matters photographic - I’m hoping for some templates that I can adapt. 

Of course if a programmer needing spherical panorama content is interested in collaboration…



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, Are you talking about the SteamVR home environments? That documentation is here. Be fully aware that the engine that runs that is not fully released and that there are pretty substantial holes in the documentation and featureset since it's only a partial engine. Those are mixed media that comprise both near-field and long distance photogrammetry as well as 360 panoramas and there is quite a heavy learning curve but it can be done using consumer cameras without the need for LiDAR (but LiDAR is crazy helpful). 


This is the best community for learning photogrammetry. 

Given my personal experience with photogrammetry, I can only in good consciousness recommend Reality Capture as the processing software due to how speedy it is on consumer grade hardware. I'd also recommend DxO Optics for RAW image processing. 

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