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VIVE Pro Headset - Left Ear Phone audio starting to cut out.


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So i have had my VIVE Pro (full 2.0 kit) for approximately 2 months now and i have been very happy with it until today...

I was just booting up Beat Saber and as a i was positioning the ear cups i heard the audio in the left ear cut out and it stayed off. So i 'wiggled' it a bit and the audio came back on. I then rolled my head around to test it in various positions and as i looked to the floor the left ear cut out and back in again a couple of times in quick sucession which made it sound like a 'crackle' per say. I then played with the positioning of the earcup a little more and more cut outs occured. Once i got it so both earphones had audio i played through several songs in beat saber without any issues, however if i manipulate the left ears posistion i can still get it to cutout/crackle which has never been a problem in the past.

This seems to be a common issue, i have found several instaces on here where people have had this same issue with the left earphone and also numeroues users on reddit.


What should i do HTC?



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, I would suggest what  said. Basically the screw tensions electrical contacts on the  earphone against electrical contacts built into the headmount. Your issue is likely that these two contact points aren't being held together with enough tension by the retaining screw. It may help to fully unmount and remount the earphone to ensure that there is good contact between the two parts. 


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Thanks for the info, i aready tried this found it on a reddit thread. And happy to say all seems good so far. Thays for the extra info on why it works. If it happens again ill removeand refit it, but why its not broken i aint fixin it. Cheers.

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