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Submission of 2 Different Language Builds of Same Game


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Hi there, we have a question about submission on Viveport.
Our question is mainly about the option of uploading more than one build.  I’m asking this because we have most western and asian languages covered, however we cannot put them both in the same build (tech. wise this isn’t possible for dev) therefor, we want to know if we can split the build in one for the Asia region and one of the western. Or just give users a choice to download either of the builds on the platofrm


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Hello , 


Out of curiosity, what is preventing you from publishing both languages under the same SKU?


Generally speaking, we have a very strong preference for you to publish both language clusters on the same SKU as it prevents consumer confusion and creates a unified customer experience with zero room for consumers to purchase the wrong build. 


If you must publish two builds as separate SKUs for technical reasons we ask that you do the following: 

  • Be sure to very clearly note in the title that it's a localized build, especially if it's for a specific language.
  • Only select appropriate distribution territories for each of the region localized SKUs  (i.e. don't allow for a Mandarin build to be distributed in America, and an English build to be distributed in China, ect...) 
    • Please do not overlap distribution regions between the two builds. 
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