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Hows the microphone on the Vive Pro?


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Is it any beter compared to the microphone in the original Vive? (Vive 1.0).

i get some popping in the audio when i say words with leters like a p, or when i breath a bit louder then i do normally, it picks that up pretty loud aswell. (heard thats because htv forgot to put a pop filter on the mic)

ofcourse i'm not only interested in upgrading to the vive pro cause of the mic, but also the increased res and the built-in headphones.

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, I just wanted to quickly note that the Pro has dual microphones and they have functionality outside of capturing user audio, namely noise cancellation. Via an SDK, there are APIs that enable a developer to switch between audio modes. For instance they can switch between full noise cancellation and a "passthrough mode" which captures environmental audio and passes in into the HMD so someone wearing the headset can hear outside communcation without removing the HMD/earphones. As these APIs get used more in content, that feature should be surfaced more. 


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