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HTC Vive out of warranty due to sweat damage


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I recently sent my Vive HMD for repair due to possible sweat damage to the HMD from normal use. However today I've been quoted 330 EUR for repair! I've only used the system for less than 48 hours in total and a single month into both the store and HTC warranty. More so I can get the HMD to give back to the shop unless it pay 45 EUR. This is unacceptable concidering the amount I have paid and the trust I put into HTC to repair something that can be cause by normal use of this device. If someone could contact over this situation to give me a better warranty service over normal use and the sweat damage that has be caused by normal use I would be thankful and would reinstate my trust in HTC.

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I recommend you check out my post here: https://community.viveport.com/t5/Technical-Support/My-Experience-with-HTC-Customer-Support/m-p/22418#M8313 , as well as watch this video: 

Whatever you do, absolutely do not pay them a dime. Your HTC Vive is under warranty and was used under "Normal Use Conditions," as the warranty states. The vive warranty once did cover sweat damage, but they removed that to save a couple bucks and screw their customers over. Do not accept no as an answer from them, this kind of support is not okay.

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it was written in the warranty terms and conditions "liquid damage other than sweat is not covered by HTC's warranty for Vive"


That was before you sneaky people edited that out, because apparently everybody is wearing their headset in the swimming pool while playing THEBLU for the best immersion possible, ( haha you like wordplays so i though you would like that one ).


Moving on, concidering at least one customer is using the headset the intended way without accidently taking a shower wearing it, what do you recommend to that person to prevent his "human liquid" to destroy his headset ( as well as the reputation of HTC Vive's customer service ) ?

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The reputation of HTC's Customer Service is beyond rectifiable. I've read way too many horror stories about them from the last 2 years but to make it worse, these common problems still persist to this very day. Even I had to get my story out there before something would be done for me support-wise. I plan on following up with some details regarding my own story with customer support in the near future..

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I recommend wearing a sweat band like this one. http://a.co/d/9UQxT6x

I try to remember to put it on, especially if I'm going to play Beatsaber or something else active like that. 


And if you are a particularily heavy sweater, or just in general, remember to not let the headset hang down (pointing downward) in between sessions or even temporarily as that would allow any moisture collected to enter the internals more easily. Tilt it where the lenses are facing down or angled downward instead.

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WTF are you kidding me?

It is expensive enough...

I will return it immediately and wait for valve index if this is true!


both thumbs down to you HTC!

Let's post that on vive selling platforms to spread that info!

Really bad move HTC you shouldn't disappoint your customers as they will move away from HTC..


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