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Error 108 Headset not detected


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So I realize this seems to be a common problem for most people, but I've been troubleshooting this for almost 2 days now with no luck. I have a Windows 10 machine, just in case. I did the following:


1. Checked both USB cables (pc to linkbox and from linkbox to headset) I used THOSE cables to connect something else and they worked. I used a different USB cable for my HDD docking station for PC to Linkbox and then Linkbox to Headset with no luck. That's when I knew that the USB cables weren't the issue.


2. I tested the voltages on both power cables and they're fine.


3. I connected the headset directly to my PC (no linkbox) and the PC wouldn't even detect it. When plugging in the USB device, it usually makes a sound and the Device Manager blinks or updates. But with the headset, it's as if nothing was ever plugged in.


4. Uninstalled and reinstalled Steam and SteamVR. Same results.


5. Manually removed ALL USB ports and device drivers from the Device Manager. Nothing.


6. Plugged the headset directly to my laptop. Nothing detected.


7. I was close to throwing in the towel after narrowing everything down to the headset. So today I powered on my machine, plugged in the power cable and..... it works again.


Did anyone ever find out what the heck caused that? I IMMEDIATELY created a Restore Point just in case, but I was worried it was blown up....


I have to add this, but I swear, it's like the VR doesn't like me showing it to other people. Every time I have guests, I have problems with this thing. lol When it's just me, it works like a charm.

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