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[MODIFICATION]: Lens distortion issue: A thiner foam mod: I did it so YOU can do it too! [Tutorial]


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Hello everyone,


Following this thread:



I went ahead and modified the existing leather foam to have it much thiner.

It's very doable, safe and reversible if you are somewhat careful, no need to surgeon skills there.

The pic will speak for themselves:




-I am very satisfied with this "invisible" mod

-I did it in a way so it was reversible, you could glue things instead of using velcro and mesh tape like I did.



Things to care about:

-if you use something too thin, the under eyes flaps will be perpendicular to you face skin: reducing compfort, so it needs at this area at least some thickness.

-When removing the leather, it's quite tightly glued at the "glasses pass side area" so be gentle if you don't want to rip the original foam.

-using a velcro tape like I did is enabling you to use existing VR cover like replacement, as i wanted to keep the original look, I did the mod with the foam inside the existing mask.

You could use regular foam and not use a VR cover leftover like I have plenty of.

Foam and sticky tape would work of course.



Please do not use this thread to complain about the lenses and stuff, keep it to the MOD, use the other exsiting thread for that kind of remarks (thanks)


If you attend this mod, please send the pics here!


-Please do not post my picture anywhere else-









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