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Vive Pro Camera feed too dark in Unreal Project


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I also had the problem of not being able to access the vive pro dual cam recently.

After Rolling Back to Steam VR v1527117754 (the hotfix - as suggested here) it worked:

It works everywhere: The Standalone, in Unity, even in an older Unreal Project where I just inserted and tested the Unreal Plugin.

Except for one project: the one Unreal project I´m currently working on! -.-


There if I start any level (eg. my own / the sample level from SRWorks / the Persistant Level from SRWorks Experience Content) the camera feed is there, but it´s way too dark (Almost black)!


And afterwards ist stays dark, no matter which application I start!! It only gets back to normal if I close SteamVR, restart the Vive Link Box, then restart SteamVR.



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If I check the camera settings with the sample-CameraControl.exe while it´s dark, all settings seem to be default (see attached txt file). So this can´t be the reason.


If I replace the Plugin folders RuntimeMeshLoader, SRWorks and SRWorks_Experience in my project´s Plugins directory with their default equivalents (from the SRWorks zip file), it does not change anything. So a corrupted plugin can´t be the reason.


Note: Im working with UE 4.20.1 and SRWorks



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Ok it looks like the SRWorks Plugin has some kind of interference with another plugin I wrote myself.

But I wonder how this can happen! In my Plugin (see github) I do nothing else than importing the LibRealsense.

So I never access anything from SRWorks, not even something from OpenCv etc.


Plus - I don´t have anything from my Realsense Plugin within my Level!!! Just having both Plugins enabled in the Project settings is enough to cause this error....


Developers of SRWorks - how can this be??? =/


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