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Non-functioning, perhaps, headset?

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I bought a Vive pro headset, hand thingies and base stations. It came in a box with no instructions. After installing software, when I put it on my head, the right eye sees the bottom of a screen, the left eye is pointing somewhere else. Moving the IPD knob appears to do nothing. Is there any way to get help? Or should I try and return my devices?

The documentation appears to be a random collection of topics. Is there something like a checklist of things that must be configured?

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Yes, finally. I seem to have got it setup last night. A big change was when I watched a video where someone adjusted the headset by pulling it away from themselves after pushing the button on the bottom left. Then I could see a screen and ended up finally running room setup. So, it appears that my rig is ok and I'm off. Thanks!

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