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Vive Broken Display / HDMI


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I'm going to call in the morning but I'll post this just in case it gets seen sooner.

I have been using Vive for about 8 months now and in all honesty, I wish I bought an Oculus instead, the amount of technical problems is unbelievable and the repair service is far below what it should be.

I've had to buy 2 new controllers, through no fault of my own and I've just ordered a new link box.

Right now I have a problem with my Vive display.
I've spent a couple hours testing everything I could to get it working, I can say for sure that I've tried everything.

The issue started with the display cutting out every so often, it just blacks out and I'd have to wiggle the wire for the HDMI a little bit to get it working, that was today, I have not noticed this issue before.

But soon after that the display just stopped working, if you have any ideas I might not have noticed let me know, but I've been very thorough with testing everything, I've tried different HDMI cables too, which didn't work, in different slots, with different settings x10.

So I think it's a problem with the Vive, but I ordered a new link box anyway, because I need VR.

I rely on VR for everything, because it's close to the only thing I live for because of the people I've met there, VR turned my life around completely, I'm a different person entirely to 8 months ago and I didn't realize how that much that really meant, until it broke today.

If I had the money for a new one I would have bought it on the spot.


I just know what it's like getting something repaired with HTC, there's probably only a very small problem with my Vive, but if I send it tomorrow it could still take 2 weeks, but that's not ok, I don't know if I can last that long without it.

Last time I sent a controller to be repaired with HTC it came back worse than when I sent it, covered in sawdust, smelling of oil. That's why I had to buy 2 controllers..


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