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Viveport Oculus Rift Controller Support?


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I decided to give the Viveport service a try yesterday, and I have to say the selection of games was good enough to almost get me to subscribe without going through the trial. However, I have been unable to interact with any user interface in my first two games games beyond hand tracking. So far Fruit Ninja VR and BoxVR have both proved impossible to navigate.


Fruit Ninja VR allows me to select a game mode because I can slice through a fruit to start, however I am unable to get past the Enter Your Initials screen and can only play another round after taking my headset off and force quitting the game and restarting it.

BoxVR has a screen right off the bat that requires me to click a button to continue. Unfortunately, I can find no way to click that button. The pointer highlights the button, but no matter which button or trigger I click I cannot get it to click that button.

I want you to you to be aware of the problem as I do not believe I will not be the only one to experience the problem. Hopefully this can get resolved quickly so that I can enjoy your service. Thank you.

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