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Nosepad mount broke while trying to attach nosepad. Anyone else have this issue


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The mount for the nosepad on the regular Vive is simply ridiculous. The nose guard was constantly falling off. I have used instructions and suggestions on how to re-attach it and occasionally can get it to mount.


i hate to say it but it is simply a very poor engineering design. This last time I tried to mount the nosepad onto the headset, the pressure I applied (not really that much) broke the actually plastic piece that the nosepad is supposed to attach to.


I have no doubt that the warranty would not apply. In reality, if the product was designed properly, the nosepad would stay secure. This faulty design requires users to frequently have to try to re-attach the nosepad and over a period of time the mount probably weakens. To me, this is a manufacturing defect/design issue.


the main question I have...is there a way to fix the nosepad mount or is it integral to the body of the headset? Is it possible to get a replacement part or the base frame of the unit if it is a single part?


thanks...frustrated with an otherwise decent VR headset. The lenses though could use a marked improvement and I am surprised that HTC does not offer and sell high quality lenses instead of the cheap ones that come with the unit. Consumers pay a lot for the unit, yet where it counts the most with visual acuity, super cheap lenses are used. Very disappointed.



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