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Question on Intel skull canyon nuc and aorus GTX 1080 box with Vive.


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So I have an Intel nuc skull canyon which has the i7 6700 processor and 16gb of ddr4 and I have it paired with an Aorus GTX 1080 gaming box through thunderbolt 3. I'm really wanting to get the Vive soon and was wondering if anyone has tried anything like this or if it will even work well at all as i know there is some loss of speed from the 1080 over TB3. Also wondering if it does work would it work well with the Vive pro then. Thank you for any and all information. It's greatly appreciated.

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, while I can't speak to this specific hardware combo and overall compatibility - you will likely see some amount of CPU bottlenecking with this CPU and you will likely fall between 70-90% GPU utilization. The 87xx line of processors is where you start seeing higher utilization of the 1080x GPUs. If everything ends up being compatible hardware wise, you should see more than acceptable performance - especially on a standard Vive. 

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