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System button not working


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I have buy a HTC Vive monday but thusday my system button dont work anymore in SteamVr

I also can't access to the detail of my game or download one from the Steam Vr . A SteamVr Home logo appears and nothing happen 

How to fix this please  


I have : 
- Reinstall the controlers
- Update controlers
- Try a VRDashboard in admin method
- Uninstall and install SteamVr many time
- Try with and wirhout beta test

- Contact HTC Vive support but they say to try a beta but nothing change


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Try going into SteamVR > Settings > Developer > and make sure "Enable VR Dashboard" is checked on.  Otherwise I'll need you to provide a little more information on the behavior itself and what happens when you hit the system button. 


-Which details panel are you talking about? Within SteamVR or the Steam desktop client? Can you provide screenshots?


Instead of opting into the beta, I would recommend anybody having issues with the more recent SteamVR updates to switch to the temporary rollback branch currently being hosted. 


p.s. I wouldn't recommend ever uninstalling and application repeatedly when it's not working - that's hell on your Windows registry and can cause some pretty gnarly issues.

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