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Need help with Costumer support - Repaired controller not working - I want to sue


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Hello Folks,

My details are the following:
[Personally identifiable information removed]

I had looked up htc vive support issues on google and saw on some reddit posts where people with issues they had going on for months posted them here and got help from Synthesis.
As I am also facing dificulties in resolving some issues with regular support, I said i will try their sugestion - writing a forum topic.
Here is my story:
I opened a ticket to send two out of warranty vive controllers in for repair on the 2nd of August.
When trying to book them, support told me I have to know the serial number of the controller in order to book them in. Considering it was a 2016 unit and out of warranty, I had thrown away the box that the unit came in.
I came back on the 3rd, and on the 6th still trying to book for repair the controllers with no success. At that moment I made a forum complaint where nobody answered (8th august) - http://community.viveport.com/t5/Technical-Support/Vive-controllers-need-repair-without-warranty-HTC-can-t-book/m-p/21672?__woopraid=2ntGtLR5sYFg
After this, the next day(8th of august) I persisted in sending the remotes to repair and found a support willing enough to help me out and book them (Oliver) but I didn't receive the pre-paid label to ship the remotes. So I waited.
13th of August came and I contacted the support again because I hadn't received the label, after a friendly reminder they finally sent the label.
20th of August I come back and ask the support why I didn't receive any quotation for the controllers i sent for repair( Note: the shipping was from bucharest to bucharest - same city, a couple of hours drive to deliver the remotes i sent to repair center). I get an answer that the remotes have arrived in the repair center and that it was the 4th working day and that I will receive a quotation soon
21st of August - I finally receive the repair quotation (1. serial number FA68AJ001160, E2E ticket 118327790422, CTDI repair No 350898HRO and 2.serial number FA6A1J000288, E2E ticket 118327790429, CTDI repair No 350896HRO )
22nd August - I accept the repair costs for both controllers and provided them the details so I can receive the payment invoice
23rd August - I receive the invoice with wrong details for bank transfer. I call the repair center to fix the issue since I couldn't transfer to that IBAN and after some struggle managed to pay the invoice
28th August - payment confirmation for the repair
30th August - I receive a repair report for ONE of the controller (FA6A1J000288)
31st of August - I check with costumer support, the controller was shipped out of service and had the wrong details written on the label.
3 Sept - I had to call UPS and go pick up the controller myself from the deposit. Finally got back FA6A1J000288 controller. Get back on vive chat to check what happened to the other controller, but the one with s/n FA68AJ001160, was still waiting for spare parts. So I waited some more.
13 sept - Finally got a repair report for FA68AJ001160 14 Sept - requested a managerial call to complain about the services. Finally got back the remote from repair, but it was still broken - while I was playing it lost tracking and disconnected - issue that didn't existed before. Checked for firmware update, checked with another unit, checked with vive support, replaced base stations, got the problem escalated to a supperior, checked with supperior, supperior told me to send it back for repair. Completely dissapointed I tried to persist in getting this issue solved so with patience I got back on costumer support and requested a pre-paid label to send it in for repair.
18 Sept - They tried to call me but unfortunately I had lost my phone during a festival that weekend so I had requested another call on my new phone number
18-26 August - Almost daily reminders to the vive chat that i received neither the phone call from the manager or the pre-paid label to send the *REPAIRED* controller *BACK TO REPAIR*
After two failed attempts on the 25th and 24th of august, of getting both issues solved (phone call regarding ticket number 118327790422 and getting the pre-paid label to send the faulty controller in for repair), I finally get a support willing to help me out (after threatening to sue) and got the pre-paid label, but not the phone call. Will go back to chat once again to try to receive the phone call from a manager to see what compensation HTC is willing to give for such an inconvenience.
I want your help in finding a solution to these issues since it almost took 2 months to solve one controller and I hadn't received any managerial phone call.
I am considering sueing HTC costumer services for lack of competence and failing to provide the service I paid for - Repairing one controller and receive it back with more issues than when i sent it for repair (111 usd repair cost to receive a broken controller after 1 month of constant struggle could be a good reason to sue)
Please feel free to PM back to me or reply to my post regarding this issue.

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> after one more week of waiting and being promissed a new controller I got e-mailed with a 80 eur quotation in order to repair my already repaired controller. After getting in touch with vive eu costumer support and after replying to the CDTI repair team here in Romania that It was scheduled to be replaced with new one, the costumer support corrected the issue and confirmed I would get a new controller, but the  CDTI repair team just repaired the old controller and sent it back anyways.
The same controller came back and I received the repair raport of the old controller that was repaired in the 3 month warranty.
What I want to stand out is the following message from the CDTI repair team that I initally got regarding the parts that need fixed and compare with what was actually fixed in the repair raport. I will attach both below

I guess promisses and words mean nothing to Vive and neither do costumer complains.
It is the last time I try to get along with HTC.

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