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Vive Pro Audio Bug


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Hi! I know that I'm not the first one to run into this problem, but it's starting to get boring. Yep, i have i problem with audio output, something like distortion on every sound (shooting, opening, slapping) starting and ending. I've tried:


1. Change GPU (GTX 1060 -> GTX 1080 Ti SLI -> RTX 2080 Ti currently installed).

2. Removing NVIDIA HD Audio driver

3. Disabling all others audio devices except Vive Pro Multimedia Audio

4. Changing USB ports

5. Switching link box while steamVR running

6. Reinstalling drivers, cleaning drivers, reinstalling OS


And nothing. For your understanding, I live in Ukraine and ~1500$ is a huge amount of money for our country and my city especially. Two month i can't use HTC Vive Pro properly. Is there will be any fix or something? Or maybe this "fix" already exist and i've missed it?

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Quick note to anybody who may be reading this - The "multimedia" driver is actually the one that people tend to have problems with as it's a USB controlled driver and USB controllers can be driven by both the CPU (higher performance) or by a third party OEM USB controller (such as Asusmedia - typically lower performance).


In many cases you actually want to default to the GPU driver rather than the USB-controlled driver. 

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