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There is no actions after build in Unity


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Hello, everyone!

I use last version of steamVR asset. There is an input system which use JSON files for actions and bindings. I have a problem after build my application coudn't find previously added actions. In editor mode everything is ok. JSON files copys to build folder correctly. In the "binding UI" site also isn't added actions for my app.  Please, help me to find a reason of this behaviour.


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We have the same issue here:

After building our app:

- the build is not working properly (controllers not displayed/used) and log contains tons of errors

- unity editor's log tells us he cannot find actions.json and the app is also broken inside the Editor (no controller displayed, no interactions, errors in log).

Please advise a workaround to be able to build and use the app , thanks :)

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Hi guys,

I just received an answer in the Unity Asset Store:


"Have you replaced your default bindings? Those get copied into your release directory on build and are what users will use by default.


While in the SteamVR Input window in Unity click the "open binding ui" button. From there click the binding you want and then click the "Replace default binding" button. Do this for all controllers you support then make a new build."



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