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Vive Wireless is unstable with Asus ROG Zenith Extreme


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I've got an Asus ROG Zenith Extreme motherboard, with Ryzen Threadripper CPU. The board has 6 PCIe slots, four Gen 3 x16/x8, two Gen 2 x4/x1. The configuration is fairly stock (no overclocking, minimal changes to BIOS to get it to boot from the right devices).


I can run for a few minutes with the Vive Wireless card in one of the x4/x1 slots, but eventually the whole system freezes (within the length of a Beat Saber song).


I've tried putting the card in one of the x16 slots, and I've tried changing its mode from x16 to PCIe RAID mode, but in both cases, the software can't find the card.


I've got an nVidia GeForce Titan Xp card in the first x16 slot.


I haven't tried changing the PCI mode from Auto to Gen 3, as suggested by one Reddit post.


I'd really appreciate any suggestions on how to work around this. Thanks!

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After trying different slots to no avail, I found a line in a Vive doc that said to be sure to disconnect the cable between the link box and the graphics card because it might "confuse" things. Well, disconnecting that has allowed me to play a couple tracks in Beat Saber with no apparent issues.


I am curious, though, if I can get a better framerate depending on which slot the wireless card is in.

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Weird thing that HTC don't know about their own stuff. Some time ago I reached them via chat and after doing some tests and sending them some logs they asked me to send my equipment, as they told me that my equipment had an issue. Question is I'm from Brazil and it would take lots of time to send it and have it back. So I started an investigation and saw that lots of people were having the same issue as me.

I tried everything. Formated my PC, unplugged all USB PCI-e cards, my AVerMedia card - which I'm still not using as I still don't have a mirrorless camera and I'm still using my Logitech Brio - installed fans on the top of vive wireless, switched the WiGig card to every free slot and I still kept having the disconnection issue. I started messing with everything that was possible, even disabling the anti virus and everything you can't even imagine - for months - and nothing worked.

Then I searched for the folder in which the exe to start vive wireless is found. There are some extra exe files over there and I started running every each of them. Then I found a file called PCIeGenConfig.exe. I ran it and it opened a window with an option to enable PCIeGen setting. And then... ta-daaaaah! My disconnection issue was simply gone!!! It seems the WiGig card has some problems regarding the PCI-e gen from some motherboards, and that's what I'm talking about when I told you that it seems HTC doesn't know about their own stuff.

Lots of people struggling to maintain connection with their Vive headsets, and it can be simply resolved by running this exe and enabling this PCIeGen thing. The weirdest thing is that when I searched on Google for this exe file I found only 2 pages mentioning it! That gives me the creeps! It's a simple fix that even HTC doesn't have a clue about! It would be good if you could report my case to them, as they could just give people this instruction instead of asking guys to send them their equipment that's actually in good shape! End of story lol with a happy ending! I hope my experience and resolutions can help more people that are suffering because of the lack of knowledge of a company that doesn't understand their own devices! Regards from Brazil!

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