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Juddering when turning head (even in default steamVR room)


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Hi, I'm experiencing juddering when I physically turn my head.


My pc spec is

- Windows 10

- intel core i7-7820HK 2.90Ghz

- 32G ram

- GTX1080, 8G


So far I have tried

- Covering any reflective surfaces

- Enabling/disabling asynchronous reprojection and interleaved reprojection from steamVR setting.

- Updating graphic card driver.

But nothing haved solved the issue.


Funny thing is that when I try vive pro with a lesser pc

- Windows 10

- intel core i7-4790K 4Ghz

- 32G ram

- GTX 780Ti, 4G

There is no juddering problem no matter how fast I shake my head.


Can someone please help me?

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Hi, thanks for your response :D

I'm using NVIDIA driver version for gtx 1080 and GeForce Game Ready Driver version 416.16 for Geforce Experience.

I'm also connecting my pc to vive using micro dp to micro dp. Would this can be a problem as well?

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