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Wireless adapter glitches and games not working


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I just received my wireless adapter and hooked it up to my Vive Pro.  I love the adapter, but I've had two problems.

1. The video quality is poor sometimes, I see jitters and it sometimes seems like the video decoding is a little behind.

2. SOme of my games that used to work great crash immediatly.  One of them was holopoint, a game which I was really looking forward to playing without cables. 


I saw that many people were having problems with video jittering, but has anyone else had problems with games crashing. The games I've noticed not working were Holopoint and Thrill of the Fight.  I haven't had a chance to go through my complete library yet :)

I'm installing the latest Nvida drivers and will try again tomorrow:


My system:

Intell I5-6600K,16 GB ram,GTX1080


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