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I have been having a problem with tracking with my vr


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I have been having a problem with tracking with my vr recently and i was wondering if anyone could help the problem is after a certain amount of time the htc vive will stop tracking and will not track again below are all the things i did to try and solve this problem

Moved Base Stations

Tried all certain Angles with Base Stations

Redid The Room Setup

Reinstalled Steam and Steam Vr

Unplugged and plugged in everything multiple times 

Sent It In To The Htc vive repair team after talking to someone at htc and still got it back with the same exact problem please help!

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, Are the basestations actually still spinning and brodcasting data or are they powering off? Do you have the lighthouses, plugged into a circuit with other high load devices such as an AC or a refrigerator? High load devices kicking on and off can cause similar behaviors. 


You can tell if they're brodcasting tracking data because you'll see the faint red glow of the IR LED array as seen below? 


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