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Digital Scent Technology with 1000+ scents


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I would like to know if any vive users are interested greater immersion through one of our five senses.

My Start-up is building a high end (~$400) device which has a few really cool features. Our product is a standalone hardware which connects to the headset through an ultra-thin tube. It then diffuses from the headset rapidly.

1. Our product has over 1,000 different unique scents which can be mixed into any combination (yes millions of combinations) . 

2. We eliminated the lingering scent issue. 

3. Scents have natural concentrations so they are not overpowering.

4. The last feature i'll keep quiet for now until we release but it's really exciting!

My team and I are doing customer discovery 101 for the prototype we built. I'm really just trying to reach out to the community for advice, connections, and EXCITEMENT.

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Anything that Makes VR more immersive im all for. I can imagine playing Skyrim and Smelling all the different smells when changing from one area to another. 
Or adding that extra layer of fear in a Horror game with the smell of death. 
Sounds good will keep an eye on the progess Do you have a website or newsletter to sign up to?

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